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MVP is a Recovery Community that offers a safe, sober, and structured living environment for individuals who want to embrace a life of Recovery, free from the use of alcohol and other drugs. MVP is not a treatment center. MVP provides a setting designed to promote healthy, structured, and responsible living in a sober atmosphere. MVP teaches members the skills necessary to build and maintain a solid foundation of Recovery.

MVP is a Recovery Program that assists our members in the process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live self-directed lives, and strive to reach their full potential. The MVP Program is an intense, structured three-phase program which allows members to live a responsible, independent, and purpose-driven life.

Disclaimer: The MVP Program is operated and run by Licensed & Certified Addictions Professionals. If you or a loved one is seeking placement in a sober living program, it is essential to research the educational and professional experience of the people running the program. It has been reported that a number of sober living programs are marketing themselves as an “extension” or “version” of the MVP Program or claiming to be trained in the implementation of the MVP Program. MVP RECOVERY is NOT affiliated with any other sober living programs nor have we trained or certified any other practitioners in the operation of the MVP Program.


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MVP Recovery is a recovery community founded in 2014 as a solution to the lack of quality recovery housing in Delaware County, PA. MVP is certified through the Delaware County Office of Behavioral Health as an approved recovery home provider. MVP is the largest sober living program in Delaware County and has been recognized as the standard of sober living by many treatment centers, addiction professionals, advocates and political leaders across the country.


Unlike most Recovery Homes; MVP is owned and operated by a Licensed Masters Level Addictions Professional and our staff consists of certified addiction professionals.

• The MVP Program helps individuals identify Relapse Warning Signs/Behaviors. Our approach includes multiple therapeutic resources in conjunction with structured and accountable living.This model provides our graduates with the real lasting changes needed to obtain and maintain long-term sobriety.

• MVP  offers the highest quality of care and understands that our resident's mental health and other co-occurring issues need to run parallel with their Recovery. MVP works directly with Programs that offer Trauma Counseling, EMDR, First Responder Support, Couples Counseling, Mental Health Therapy, and a wide range of other services to any MVP resident regardless of their insurance provider.

• MVP guarantees not only a safe and sober environment for our residents but also a high-quality standard of living. MVP employs a full-time Property Manager and full-time Maintenance Crew.

• MVP participates in various outreach programs and sober events. This provides our residents the opportunity to give back to the community and allows families of our residents to participate and engage in the program here at MVP.

• MVP sits on the Delaware County Heroin Task Force and works directly with county and state leaders in implementing initiatives aimed to combat addiction and support recovery.

• MVP was chosen to assist the PA State Senate in Legislation that is designed to  regulate and certify recovery homes throughout PA.

• MVP offers Recovery Support Services such as “The Second Chance Employment Program” & “The Second Chance Parenting Program” all designed on teaching residents real-life skills that will help them be successful in their recovery, their career, their relationships, and ultimately their life.

• MVP has worked with the United States Senate on educating our National Leaders on addiction, treatment, recovery and the need for quality sober living.

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Brian Corson, LSW, CRPS

Executive Director

Brian Corson, LSW, CRPS; Founder and Executive Director of MVP RECOVERY.

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Jason Kilpatrick

Real Estate Operations Director

Since 2003, Jason Kilpatrick and his highly reputable real estate team have been known throughout Delaware County as providers of quality housing.

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Christine Corson, BS, CRPS

Female Program Director

Christine obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Penn State University and is Certified in Relapse Prevention.

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Sober Living Questions:

Does this program accept both men & women?

Yes, MVP has a male program and a female program that are housed at different locations.

How long is this program?

MVP is a 3 Phase Recovery Program and successful completion is 9-12 months.

Is this is a certified Recovery Home?

Yes, MVP is approved and monitored by the Delaware County Office of Behavioral Health requiring higher standards for our program than non-approved Recovery Homes.

Do you conduct drug tests?

Yes, MVP is pro-active in our drug testing policy. Every resident receives a minimum of 2-3 urinalysis drug tests a week.

Do you have professional staff?

Yes, the Directors of MVP are both Certified Addiction professionals and MVP also employs Certified Recovery Specialists to help maintain the integrity of the program.

Can I go to outside counseling?

Yes, It is required that all residents participate in outside professional counseling.

Can I go to outside meetings?

Yes, it is required that all residents attend regular 12 Step meetings outside of MVP.

Can I work or attend school in your program?

Yes, getting back to work and becoming independent is a major part of our program. MVP has an employment program that assists our residents with job placement and educational resources.

Do you offer family programs?

Yes, MVP has a parenting program that assists our residents in learning the skills necessary to navigate the additional stressors associated with being a parent in recovery. This program allows the loved ones of our residents to also participate.

Do you offer co-occurring and/or Trauma programs?

Yes, MVP residents have resources of Trauma Therapy, EMDR, Grief Counseling, Couples Counseling and a number of other specialized treatment modalities regardless of insurance coverage. MVP also works with local programs that offer First Responder/Veteran Support and Counseling, Dual Diagnosis therapy, and Eating Disorder Support.


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