Female Program Director

Christine obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Penn State University and is Certified in Relapse Prevention Therapy. Christine has worked in the addiction treatment field for the past decade in both inpatient residential treatment and Intensive Outpatient Programming. As a mother and woman in long-term recovery, Christine understands the challenges and barriers woman entering recovery face. This is why Christine established partnerships with local Trauma Centers, so residents at MVP received the proper therapy they needed to recover. Christine also advocated for additional programs to be created at a County level to assist her residents in overcoming these challenges. Christine, in conjunction with many Delaware County agencies, helped create the “Second Chance Employment Program” a countywide initiative to assist those in recovery in obtaining gainful and sustainable employment. Christine is also certified in the Family Nurturing Program and, in conjunction with many Delaware County agencies, helped establish “Second Chance Parenting Program” which teaches people the necessary skills needed to be a parent in recovery. This program allows the individual in recovery to engage their children in their recovery process and provides resources to the children as well. Christine is committed to helping and supporting women on their path to Recovery. Christine currently resides in Delaware County with her husband, Brian, and their three children.